Bisan Toron

Vocal Artist, Composer, Voice Instructor

In my opinion Bisan Toron is a miracle worker. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone teach with so much wisdom, clarity, and energy...She does more than teach music. She changes lives." - Justin Nielsen, Director, Fresco Arts Academy​​

​   "What mystery opens when we allow our many voices to sound through us?"
- Bisan Toron
Rooted in Western classical vocal technique while motivated by elements of mysticism, Bisan teaches through a unique lens that re-imagines the traditional approach to the voice. She developed the concept of ‘Voice Creatures,’ a title she
gives to rich, hidden voices within us, waiting to be heard.

Bisan’s teaching explores the following pillars:   

The Embodied Voice

The Multidimensional Voice

Voice & Identity

   The voice is amplified breath, inseparable from and at one with the body and it’s gestures; In freeing the body, we free the voice, through the systems of breath, articulation & resonance.
Developing sound imagination and the vocal pallet. Connecting breath, body and impulse/emotion by opening up pathways to primal, deeply felt, human sounds. 
Exploring the symbolic voice. Unpacking and Re-imagining the notion of “finding” one’s voice(s), both physically and symbolically.

Classes Designed For:
Advanced Vocalists
Yoga teachers, dancers, actors, writers, retreat guides, and more – Integrate voice into your practice to increase presence, expand your sound imagination and clarify your purpose 
Explore new dimensions of your voice to harness undiscovered textures and colors; use your entire body to maximize your vocal resonance capacity resulting in greater vocal nuance, emotional connection and depth of sound
Beginners with no musical background are welcome! Practice bridging the chasm between your inner feeling and expression, developing connection, clarity and confidence

Private lessons

Group Workshops

Master Classes

Coaching for Performers

Focusing on vocal technique, improvisation and developing nuance, color, customized to the student’s needs and goals, including studying specific repertoire. Lessons available in person or via Skype . 

Focused on Systems of Breath, Articulation and Resonance that delve more deeply into the relationship between your emotions and voice, releasing long suppressed and marginalized parts of ourselves (our ‘voice creatures’).
 See below for details...

Students will learn how find vocal alignment and increase their range of expression. They will explore their ‘symbolic’ voice in the world, as they learn to bridge their inner world with expression and expand their sound imagination.  Request more details

Focusing on vocal technique and performer’s repertoire in preparation for auditions, recordings and performances.   

Workshop Details

Re-imagining the Voice


Our voice has the capacity to gather and reflect our many dimensions. In deepening our relationship to our voice, we begin to bridge the chasm between our emotions and what actually comes out of the mouth as expression. In re-imagining the voice as the “muscle of the soul,” we learn to maximize its freedom and our ability to resonate our note in the world.
We have many voices within us – different aspects of our self which long to be released, sounded and embodied. I call these often marginalized and suppressed dimensions within us ‘voice creatures’. As we practice connecting our deep emotions to our sound, we uncover a variety and range of vocal colors and textures we didn’t know we were capable of… As we discover and allow our many dimension – our voice creatures – to “play” through us, we experience an integration and healing akin to the joy of meeting a long lost friend…

Host a Workshop 

    Host a gathering of for Re-Imaging the Voice or collaborate with Bisan on a topic-specific workshop.  
Email if interested in discussing more details.

Bisan Toron invites students to unravel their authentic mystery by exploring their voice as a site of overlapping
dimensions – carving out a unique sonic calligraphy through sacred sound, unleashed breath, kinesthetic provocations, and alternate vocal states of being and remembrance.

Antonia Katrandjieva Ph.D., D.Sc.,
Artistic Director of Overground Arts Alliance
Bisan shows us how our concept of the voice causes us to hold to a fixed creative identity, and also to a certain personal identity. By guiding us to use our voice in new ways, Bisan helps us to let go of our habitual sense of self so that we can journey to being the artist and person we truly wish to be.

David Siegel
Each week I came to vocal lessons to work on myself. To find my voice. Bisan guided me on this mesmerizing journey with her deep intuition, knowledge of technique and tremendous spirit.  It was truly momentous and transformative working with her.

Jess Geevarghese
I have known Ms.Toron for less than a year, but my life has been changed because of her influence in my life, the lives of my family, and the lives of our students at Fresco Arts Academy. I have been a professional musician for over forty years. I have never heard a singer whose instrument and musicianship approach that of Bisan. She uses her voice to take the listener to aesthetic and personal places like no one I have ever met or seen. Not only does she demonstrate perfect control of the use of her instrument, but she literally becomes part of the listener’s emotional, intellectual and spiritual being when she “performs.” The word performance is an inadequate word for what Bisan does. Her “performances” are organic, fulfilling life experiences for all involved. She shares her gift unselfishly. Her own personal vulnerabilities seem exposed, yet her approach to aesthetics turns that vulnerability into an absolute strength of character and skill. As you can see, it is difficult to describe Ms Toron’s gifts in words. They are powerful yet humble, transcendent yet grounded, concrete yet fluid, melancholy yet joyful – all of these things simultaneously. She will be changing lives throughout her professional life. To not experience Basan, not only as a musician but as a fellow human being, is to leave one’s life with a huge void. Bisan should be experienced by everyone.

Kendell Nielsen
Executive Director, Fresco Arts Academy

Bisan Toron’s consummate grace, humor & haunting voice compel…you are drawn into her presence in such a way as to drink in & embody every word, sound & gesture. I was riveted and inspired and transformed. With her practice to find the truth, the authentic moment behind the conventions of language and sound, we are guided into the depth of our own somatic soundings, aided by Bisan’s distilled and immediately applicable technique. As a producer of music & a spiritual healer, I have seen, participated in and worked with many performers and healers over the years: Bisan is a superlative teacher and performer. Avail yourself of this experience!

Kathleen Mandeville

Working with Bisan has been so much more than taking voice lessons, it’s been embarking in a powerful journey of self discovery. She has a holistic approach and always tunes in to you state, allowing for what needs to come out in that moment to be. She creates a very safe space for expression and had me unveil sounds i didn’t suspect i could make. I leave lessons feeling incredibly free and empowered, and so much more in touch with myself. While her mastery of technique is indisputable, her unique gift is to know how to use it in service of the depth and texture of your own emotions; she doesn’t just make you sing at the right pitch, she makes you sing sounds that resonate with your soul. It is very literally one of the most beautiful thing that has happened to me this year!

Claire Berjot

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